Organ Transplants
completed by Dodington & Dodington

Occasionally we come across good used pipe organs that are available for relocation. Churches that are closing or almalgamating with other congregations make whole organs or parts of organs available for sale. Other churches are making changes to their existing organ and also sell parts. Dodington & Dodington will purchase these organs or parts, totally refurbish them and transplant the instruments into churches looking for a pipe organ or upgraded equipment. Used parts and complete organs are substantially less expensive than new so in these trying economic times, often provide the perfect solution for congregations with a limited budget.

You can visit our page listing organs for sale to see what is currently available.

Organs tranplanted ....

Georgian Shores United Church, Owen Sound -- combine the pipe organs from Division Street United Church and Knox United Church
Harrow United Church -- Casavant console Opus 3556 (1982) with used Casavant windchest and miscellaneous pipework
Bedford United Church, Windsor -- Casavant Opus 2189 from Parker Street United Church in Sarnia was combined with the back part of the organ from Central United Church in Woodstock to make an Antiphonal Division
St. Andrew's United Church, Brantford -- Casavant Opus 1212 from First United Church, St. Catharines
Mount St. Joseph Chapel, London -- Casavant Opus 1072 from Temple Baptist Church, Windsor
Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church, London -- 1961 Kney and Bright cabinet organ
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Guelph -- 1934 3-manual Casavant, Opus 1493 from Toronto
Zion United Church, Stratford -- 1954 Casavant, Opus 2219 from New Jersey
St. John's Kilmarnock School, Breslau -- 1954 Casavant, Opus 2212
Elora United Church -- 1934 Casavant, Opus 1498
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, London -- Casavant Opus 2686
Grace Lutheran Church, Pembroke-- 1963 Walcker (tracker)
Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira -- 1910 Breckles and Matthews
Christ Lutheran Church, Kitchener -- 1920 Lye Tracker
St. Gile's Presbyterian Church, St. Catharines -- Casavant Opus 2241
Bedford United Church, Windsor -- Kney (Tracker)
Church of St. Jude (Anglican), London -- 1916 Casavant, Opus 661
St. John's United Church, Stratford -- Casavant Opus 2301-A
St. Paul's Lutheran, Brunner -- Hallman
Annesley United Church, Markdale -- Casavant Opus 1021
Mount Carmel Zion United Church, Morriston -- Legge Organ
St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Niagara Falls -- Jacques Organ
Melville United Church, Fergus -- 1925 Casavant, Opus 1097
Emmanuel College, Toronto -- Walcker (Tracker)
Trinity Orthodox Reformed Church, St. Catharines -- 1967 Casavant (Tracker), Opus 2965
St. Michael and All Angels Church, London -- Warren, Willis, Lye, Casavant
Westminster United Church, Thamesford -- 1955 Casavant, Opus 2284
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Niagara Falls -- 1912 Casavant, Opus 498
Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth -- Legge Organ
Dr. Maurice Beckham (Residence), Elora -- Woodstock Pipe Organ
Central United Church (Chapel), Sarnia -- Möller
Trinity Lutheran Church, London -- 1968 Casavant, Opus 2056/3043
St. Wilfrid's Anglican Church, Toronto -- 1918 Casavant, Opus 737

Consoles transplanted ....

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Stratford -- 3-manual Casavant console Opus 2015
Église du Sacré Coeur, Welland -- 1954 Casavant Opus 2267
St. John's Anglican Church, Kitchener -- Casavant Opus 2705
Knox Presbyterian, St. Thomas -- 1974 Casavant Opus 3226
Trinity Lutheran Church, London -- Casavant, Opus 2398
First Baptist Church, London -- Casavant, Opus 2901
Central United Church, Welland -- Casavant, Opus 1221
Knox Presbyterian Church, Listowel -- Casavant, Opus 2005
Central United Church, Woodstock -- Casavant (4 manual), Opus 2579
St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Kitchener -- 1953 Casavant, Opus 2195
Lundy's Lane United Church, Niagara Falls -- 1961 Casavant, Opus 2664
Knox Presbyterian Church, Stratford -- 1975 Casavant, Opus 3260

St. Andrew's United Church, Brantford

St. Andrew's United Church, Brantford

Casavant Opus 1212 from First United Church in St. Catharines has been completely rebuilt and modernized, and transplanted into the new St. Andrew's United Church in Brantford building, behind a new façade. St. Andrew's suffered a devastating fire early in 2006, losing Casavant Opus 1548. A complete description of the project will follow. Please check back.

St. Andrew's United Church, Brantford

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St. John's Kilmarnock School in Breslau is the new home of Casavant Opus 2212 originally built in 1953 for Grace Lutheran Church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It has being installed in the School's new chapel.

Open Diapason 8Geigen Principal 8Viola 8Major Bass 16
Hohlflöte 8Rohrflöte 8Melodia 8Bourdon 16
Gemshorn 8Viola da Gamba 8Dulciana 8Rohr Gedeckt 16
Octave 4Voix Celeste 8Lieblichflöte 4Principal 8
Flute d'Amour 4Gemshorn 4Nazard 2 2/3Stoppped Flute 8
Fifteenth 2Trumpet 8Flautino 2Choral Bass 4
ChimesOboe 8Clarinet 8
Sub, SuperSub, Super

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Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, London

Casavant Opus 2686 (1961) was purchased from Eglise Sainte-Bernadette in Hull, Quebec in 1997. Dodington & Dodington removed this organ, transported it to Ontario and stored it in our shop until the new RLDS building was completed and ready to receive the pipe organ. The organ was in a free standing case at the Hull church but the RLDS congregation wished to have the organ in a chamber.

RLDS pipe organ installation in progress

Casavant Opus 2686 is to be dedicated in its new home in May of 1998 with John Obetz of the RLDS Temple in Independence, Missouri (Casavant Opus 3700) playing the inaugural recital.

The casework and console were refinished to match the surrounding woodwork in the RLDS sanctuary.

Principal 8Gedackt 8Soubasse 16
Flûte à Cheminèe 8Flûte Conique 4Principal Conique 8
Octave 4Principal 2Basse Chorale 4
Flûte à Bec 4Quinte 1 1/3Fagotto L/2
Mixture IV 1 1/3Cymbale III 1/2
Carillon Deagan (Class A) 25 notesCromorne 8
The finished organ at RLDS
with (from left to right)
Ross Dodington, John Obetz and Anne Winegarden

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Grace Lutheran Church, Pembroke

In April of 1996 Dodington & Dodington completed installation of a 1963 Walcker tracker pipe organ which was originally in Sudbury, Ontario.


Great Swell Pedal
Gedeckt 8 Gemshorn 8 Subbass 16
Prinzipal 4 Rohrflote 4 Gedecktbass 8
Sesquialtera II Prinzipal 2 Choralbass 4
Mixture III Quinte 1 1/3  

Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

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Gale Presbyterian Church, Elmira

During the summer of 1996 Dodington & Dodington installed a Breckles and Matthews pipe organ with unit pocket action originally built in 1910 and installed in Woodbridge Presbyterian Church. In 1957 this organ was mechanically reconstructed by the Eaton Company in Toronto.

Dodington & Dodington have updated this pipe organ with a new coupling and combination system custom manufactured by Solid State Logic Inc., in England.


Great Swell Pedal
Open Diapason 8Stopped Diapason 8Bourdon 16
Rohr Flute 8 Salicional 8 Gedeckt 16
Principal 4 Voix Celeste 8 Stopped Flute
Fifteenth 2 Flute d'Amour 4 Principal 8
Mixture IV Sesquialtera II Choral Bass 4
  Mixture III  
  Oboe 8  

Great/Pedal 8, 4
Swell/Pedal 8, 4
Swell/Great 16, 8, 4

Swell 3
Great 2
Pedal 2
General 3

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St. Gile's Presbyterian Church, St. Catharines

Dodington & Dodington installed a 2 manual Casavant pipe organ, Opus 2241, with electro pneumatic action, originally installed in St. Hilda's Anglican Church in Toronto. The bellows were refabricated, 4 new General thumb pistons were installed in the Swell manual keyslip and a Full Organ switch with thumb and toe piston control was also added.

This installation was completed in the spring of 1995.


Great Swell Pedal
Open Diapason 8 Lieblich Gedeckt 16 Bourdon 16
Bourdon 8 Open Diapason 8 Lieblich Gedeckt 16
Principal 4 Stopped Diapason 8 Stopped Flute 8
Wald Flute 4 Gamba 8 Bombarde 16
Fifteenth 2 Voix Celeste (from GG) 8 Trumpet 8
Chimes (Carillon) Violina 4  
  Harmonic Flute 4  
  Nazard 2 2/3  
  Cornopean 8  
  Oboe 8  

Great to Pedal
Great Super to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell Super to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell Sub to Great
Swell Super to Great
Great Super
Swell Sub
Swell Super

Adjustable Combination Pistons
1, 2, 3, 4, to Great and Pedal
1, 2, 3, 4, to Swell Organ
1, 2, 3, 4, to entire Organ (toe)
General Release
One Reversible Great to Pedal
One Reversible Full Organ (thumb & toe)
Crescendo Pedal
Expression Pedal to Swell and Pedal
Expression Pedal to Great

Full Organ

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Annesley United Church, Markdale

In 1991 Dodington & Dodington installed Casavant Opus 1021 in Annesley United. Opus 1021 was originally built for Our Lady of Lourdes Church in River Rouge, Michigan in 1923. The original Warren facade was retained at Annesley.

The organ has 2 manuals, 25 stops and a total of 1,481 pipes with 10 pipes in the facade speaking.


Great Swell Pedal
Montre 8 Bourdon 16 Bourdon 16
Melodie 8 Principal 8 Gedeckt 16
Prestant 4 Viole de Gambe 8 Bourdon 8
Flute Harmonique 4 Voix Celeste 8 Principal 8
Nazard 2 2/3 Bourdon 8 Choral Bass 4
Doublette 2 Flute Harmonique 4  
Mixture III Violon 4  
Trompette 8 Octavin 2  
Clarinet 8 Trompette 8  
Tremolo Hautbois 8  
  Voix Humaine 8  

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