All photographs on this page have been scanned from the article Pipes of Glory appearing in Issue #50 (March/April 1990) of Equinox Magazine and are used with permission.

Joseph Casavant, a blacksmith by trade, was the first significant builder of pipe organs in Canada. He built his first instrument in 1840 and completed seventeen instruments before retiring in 1866. In 1879, Joseph's two sons, Claver and Samuel, founded Casavant Frères. The company, located in the town of St. Hyacinthe, in the Province of Quebec, flourished and has comfortably maintained its role over the years as a respected world leader in organ building.

The Casavant record speaks for itself. They have become the choice of people with discriminating taste. Part of the answer may be that they have successfully married historical awareness and tradition with innovation. In any case, those who hear and play Casavant instruments seem pleased, and they tell us so.

The Casavant workshop is home to master craftsmen who pass their knowledge, experience, and especially their love for the art, to enthusiastic, younger workers, thus perpetuating the Casavant tradition.

Building your instrument

Custom-building an organ to fit your needs is a complex process, but one in which Casavant excels. They will build the right type and size instrument to meet your musical requirements. The same high quality materials and workmanship go into all Casavant organs, regardless of size.

An acoustical analysis of the building which will house your instrument is completed. When working with new structures, we make recommendations to the architect on the design phases related to the physical and acoustical aspects of the building.

Casavant makes virtually every component of the organ - from keys to pipes, windchests to pedalboards.
Every organ, after being built in the workshop, is tested and played by organists on staff at Casavant.

Following these critical tests, the organ is dismantled, carefully packed and shipped to you for installation in your building by one of the Casavant representatives.

Visitors are always welcome at Casavant. A visit becomes a very special experience when you come to see, hear, and play your own instrument and meet the individuals whose hands have crafted it.

The Casavant Promise

Quality often costs more, but you know, and we know, that it always pays in the end. We are comfortable making the Casavant promise. You'll be comfortable accepting it.

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