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1965 4-rank Wicks Organ

This organ has a 2-manual 16-stop tongue tab console with pedal board. The ranks are:

This compact instrument fits under an 8' ceiling and has an approximate footprint of 7' x 14'

4 rank Wicks organ

1955 Casavant, Opus 2301-A -- 3-manual, complete, with façade

1955 3-manual modified Casavant, complete, with façade

Casavant Opus 2301-A Specification

Opus 2301-A facade

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Consoles for sale


Casavant Opus 2615

This 2-manual Casavant console, Opus 2615, with pedalboard and bench was built in 1960 for Eglise St. Octave in Montreal. It has ivory keys and would make a lovely console for hauptwerk or home use.


Casavant Opus 2212    Casavant Opus 2212 name plate

This is a very nice 3-manual Casavant console, Opus 2212, with pedalboard and bench, was built in 1953 for Grace Lutheran Church in Pottstown, PA.

Casavant Opus 2006

This is a very nice 3-manual Casavant console, Opus 2006, with pedalboard and bench, built in 1950 for Division Street United Church in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Casavant Opus 2772    Casavant Opus 2772 name plate

This 1963 3-manual Casavant console, Opus 2772 from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, needs some tlc but it is worthy of rebuilding. It has some seized stops and sticking keys but could be rebuilt or used for parts.


Casavant Opus 2579    Casavant Opus 2579

This is a very nice 4-manual Casavant console, Opus 2579, built in 1960 for Park Place Church of God in Anderson, IN. It is in excellent condition and has a very unusual exterior finish.

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